A Holistic Approach to Wellness

Your body's biggest toxin. Stress is the leading cause of hormonal imbalance. Being in a continued state of “fight or flight” leads to high cortisol levels, blood sugar imbalance and liver stress.

Mind over Matter
Chronic stress gets in the way of optimal health. Take action, as little as 5-10 minutes per day, to reduce stress and your cortisol levels will decrease. Here are a few powerful tactics to soften a stress response in overdrive:

• Deep breathing exercises-1 minute of deep breathing resets your nervous system by sending signals to brain through the Vagus nerve. Slowly breathe in, hold in lungs, and then release at a slower pace. Exhale should be 50% longer than inhale. Also, try left nostril breathing, which stimulates the Ida nerve ending in your left nostril and can increase calmness and relaxation.

• Clearing out the mind-journaling. Some people like to keep journals and other people benefit from a “write and burn”. Jot down stressful thoughts and rip them up or burn them. Writing and burning is an ancient practice of energy healing; releasing emotional toxicity will give you more energy, more peace of mind, and a new way of handling stress.

• Meditation/Mindfulness- Like anything else, this takes practice. For guided meditation, try the app “Headspace”.

• Self-love- Add small steps like relaxing in an Epsom foot bath. The magnesium stimulates relaxation. Add some lavender essential oil for an extra treat.

• Nature soothes and restores- Being outdoors and in natural surroundings reduce stress and increase a positive mood and feelings. Take a walk...preferably near trees and flowers.

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