A Holistic Approach to Wellness

This Thanksgiving, consider a Tech Detox for you and your family (especially teens)!

There is plenty of research on the detrimental effects of being glued to our devices/technology, from social withdrawal, inactivity, inability to read social cues and facial expressions (my daughter's Intel Research thesis years back), to physiological effects of wifi and EMF on developing brains. Recent articles relate screen time with mental health (anxiety, depression, ADHD type symptoms) and sleep issues. 

This Thanksgiving, reconnect with your family and friends, face to face, rather than via technology. There is actually an organization called Digital Detox (digitaldetox.org), and their motto is 'Disconnect to Reconnect'. 

Restrict or minimize use of all technology:

cell phones, computers, iPad, etc., and consider turning off wifi and routers to give your brains a rest (your sleep will improve, no joke). If evening use is necessary, make sure you add the blue light filter option, which is less likely to affect your sleep. 

Social media use causes a surge in dopamine, triggering a dopamine high, so this is not an easy task for some! #digitaldetox #iinhealthcoach #holistichealth #teenbrain #detox