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Teens and (Hidden) Toxins

Yesterday Johnson & Johnson announced it is relaunching the baby product line after a disappointing 20% decline in sales. The company admits “missing” the trend of more natural products, which they believe is due to Millennial Moms. When looking for potential toxins, I believe that taking a hard look at the things we use every day is the place to start. 
Teens and (hidden) Source of Toxins Day 2, 5/17/18
Skin is our largest organ and a direct passageway to our bloodstream. Adults absorb 60% of things put on skin, but children and teens absorb higher, so they are more sensitive to the toxic effects. Many common additives are linked to problems such as allergies, rashes, cancer, headaches, reproductive issues, hormone imbalance, etc.

I had a huge “aha” moment when I did a toxicity test last year and came up high in bismuth. While bismuth is not currently considered toxic, it is still a heavy metal and after much research, was found in my expensive moisturizer, eye cream, eye shadow, foundation and bronzer. What we shower with, shampoo with and lather on goes into our blood.
A friend and past client was so amazed with this new knowledge that he added “toxicity” to his curriculum in a top university. The first day his students must download the Think Dirty App and review 3 bath/body products. I scanned an old (boys) HS body wash and found a RED (toxic) score of 8. Remember…endocrine disruptors are to be avoided, especially for teens. I also encourage EWG.org and their Skin Deep Database. Prepare to be shocked.
Some toxic chemicals that should be avoided: 

Parabens– preservative often found in creams, deodorants & moisturizers, parabens are hormone inhibitors & believed to accelerate tumor growth. Parabens are xeno-estrogens and increase the risk of breast and testicular cancers. 
Artificial fragrance & color– may trigger allergies, asthma, and some colors contain lead & harmful dyes. Look for “FD&C” or “D&C “with a # for synthetic dyes, which are banned in EU and are suspected to be human carcinogen and linked to ADHD in children and teens.
Toulene– found in nail polish, hair color products, and some fragrances, this chemical is linked to kidney & liver damage. 
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate/Sodium Laureth Sulfate– a foaming agent found in shampoos and body/facial washes, it dries out the skin & is linked to eczema, hair- loss, rashes, and dry and scaly skin. 
Formaldehyde– used as a preservative, formaldehyde is known by several different names & should be avoided at all costs, as the side effects are numerous. This is in hair straightening products.
Polyethylenes/PEG’s– plastic beads found in numerous skin products such as scrubs and body washes, this is anti-freeze and should be used in for your car, not your skin! US says “probably human carcinogen”.

Phthalates– found in plastics, it is a known hormone disruptor and was found in every person tested by CDC.  It increases rates of breast cancer and is usually hidden in “fragrance”. 
Triclosan– used in anti-bacterial products, it is a pesticide, harmful to the environment, and a suspected carcinogenic which can cause hormone and thyroid disruption.
BHA (butylated hydroxyl) – exfoliant, fragrance, “reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen”. 

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​Teens (and Toxins), Looking for Sources

Due to bioindividuality and genetics, people handle toxins differently. One teen may be fine, another struggles from the adjuvants and DNA particles in the HPV injection, leading to a variety of symptoms. Know your genetics and get help if your child is struggling. 

"Cognitive dysfunction and regional cerebral blood flow changes in Japanese females after human papillomavirus vaccination"-Neurology and Clinical Neuroscience, June 2016
Japanese Govt no longer recommends HPV vax and is facing lawsuits (lawsuits not allowed in US). "Cognitive dysfunctions in patients after HPV vaccination have been documented"
Research Test Results:
Cognitive Disfunction, memory impairment: 100% of subjects
Chronic pain: 94.1%
General Fatigue: 76.5%
Motor Symptoms:70.6%
Sensory Disorders: 70.6%
Endocrine Disorders: 58.8%
Sleep Disturbances: 76.5%
Dysautonomic Symptoms: 52.9%

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