Spring Cleaning

Spring is finally here! In nature, it is a time for growth and renewal. As we open windows and do some spring cleanup after the long New York winter we should consider cleaning our bodies in order to rejuvenate them.  

Many cultures have historically fasted or cleansed during the spring months, and all in radically different fashions.  It doesn’t have to be complicated; simply adding some cleansing foods will help.

Spring brings us many fruits and vegetables that are perfect in supporting your body and helping clear out the heaviness and extra padding we often  put on with a winter diet. These include many sprouts, greens, berries and bitter roots that help support your liver and immunity. Lemon and celery are the most well-known cleansing foods, but here are some other cleansing foods to add this spring:

Carrots are rich in glutathione which aids in the detoxification of the liver! Additionally, Carrots are loaded with Vitamins A, C, & K! It’s best to consume carrots raw, perhaps with avocado or hummus.

Leafy Greens: Watercress, Spinach, Arugula, Kale: leafy greens are staples in cleaning out the winter junk, and can be used in a variety of ways such as smoothies or salads.  Aside from the fact that these leafy greens are packed with high-quality nutrients and vitamins, they may also aid in lowering cholesterol, restoring energy levels, and are considered part of an anti-cancer diet.

Asparagusis one of the most beneficial superfoods, offering kidney and bladder cleansing support. Asparagus is high in fiber and is considered a prebiotic, which can support digestion. Asparagus can be oven roasted with a little bit of seasoning, which brings us to our next two superfoods, Garlic and Cayenne Pepper! 

Garlic and Cayenne Pepperact as the perfect bridge from tasteless foods to delectable meals! The sulfur found in Garlic works specifically to rid your body of toxins, while Cayenne Pepper’s antioxidants helps to support our body’s detoxification system and promote overall health.

Color! By consuming highly pigmented plant foods you are adding polyphenols to your diet. Brightly colored foods like blueberries, broccoli, turmeric, etc, help boost the body’s master detoxification process by increasing glutathione. This includes many cruciferous vegetables, fruits and spices.

Aside from these cleansing superfoods, make sure you are drinking enough water, ideally 8 glasses per day. If you’re finding that the taste of water is unappealing or mundane, add some sliced strawberries or cucumber to a gallon of water and refrigerate it overnight. The next day, you’ll have a gallon of ice-cold Infused water that promotes hydration and cleansing!

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Spring Cleaning

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