What you get:

  • ​Welcome letter/guide
  • ​Shred/14 Days at a Glance with Recipes
  • Daily Email support
  • Facebook Forum for groups (optional)
  • Free Ebooks 
  • Powerpoint lessons and much more!
  • ​Free Handouts packed with info!
  1. Drink Yourself Skinny
  2. Lower Your Blood Sugar
  3. The Key to Great Digestion
  4. Weight Loss Tracker
  • ​Kickoff call for groups

(all material is DIGITAL but available in print for additional fee)

14 Day Shred $79

***PLEASE NOTE: All contents are based on my personal knowledge, opinions, and experience as a holistic health coach. Please consult a medical professional regarding medications or medical advice.***
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                                                                             So let’s do this. Together.

Here’s a peek at what’s inside this program: 
•    A weight loss e-Guide that touches on each aspect of what you need to do, step by step, to drop weight within the 14 Days. It goes over all the rock-solid foundational holistic health basics, like how to balance blood sugar, improve metabolism, and ramp up overall health in the process - all while shedding those pounds, baby!
•    Weight loss suggested meals & a shopping list (2 weeks of non-vegan and vegan)
•    14 Days at a Glance (vegan & non-vegan), the meals are broken down day by day for you to make weight loss easy as 1-2-3
•    4 bonus handouts
o    Food Combining
o    Drink Yourself Skinny
o    To Supplement or Not
o    Low Glycemic Chart 
o    Weight Loss tracker

But I know you’re probably wondering: “How is this any different than a diet?”
When you diet, you’re dwelling on fats, counting calories, and restrictions. Most of the time, you end up feeling tired and just plain frustrated, right?
That’s what makes this program so different.

Unlike a diet, this 14-day adventure teaches you how to eat foods that are healthy and delicious… and you’ll never have to count a single calorie.

Instead, you’ll learn how to effortlessly meet your health goals over a 14-day period.

The outcome? You start making long-lasting changes, instead of opting for the next quick fix.

Clean eating is more than a strategy; it’s a movement. A revolution. 
You’re about to embark on a life-changing experience, because you’re about to ditch the diet mentality forever.

In just 2 weeks, you’ll discover: 
•    YOUR unique healthy blueprint 
•    Which foods give you optimal energy and jumpstart your metabolism
•    How to plan your own healthy, stress-free meals – even if you’re busy and have no time
●    The exact steps, week by week, that help you achieve long-lasting results
●    More about yourself and your body than ever, with daily assignments over a 28-day period that will empower you to make lifelong changes
●    Tips or cooking healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner recipes that will leave you satisfied with every bite
●    Tactics for crowding out the bad stuff, so you can bring in yummy foods to replace ‘em – no deprivation here!
on’t spend another ounce of energy thinking about when or what to eat.

                                                        Are you ready to…    

Reduce sugar cravings ~ Increase Focus
             Shed unwanted weight ~ Reduce Bloating
            Increase Energy & Mood ~ Boost Immunity

                  Groups or DIY with daily support


                        No pricey powders/supplements, no deprivation... just real food! 

 Recover & Reset!

14 Day Shred $79

Please note that there are NO REFUNDS after digital delivery!

2 week Clean Eating program which focuses on cutting out sugar and toxins! 

​14 Day Shred